My Foreign Policy piece on a year of dronewatching in the Ukraine conflict.
Drones show up in war because they're cheap, easy to use, and available around the world.
Drones can see what some might wise to hide. How drones may help war crimes investigators in the future.
Small drones as the newest tough-guy status symbol in warfare (sort of).
What have I learned from watching drones in the Ukraine war? In Part 1 of a series, I look at how drones represent an incredible visual spectacle.
Nerd oracles, normies, and heightening the contradictions. Thinking about how I got started with Twitter, and the things that the hellsite has, against…
In early September, Russia's small drone pilots held a new kind of get-together.
Drones for witness, aid-washing, 3D models, and more
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Little Flying Robots